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it's where the muns play :B
waylt, sadness
I regret to inform all those that are still remaining within the community that I will be no longer maintaining your home. I simply do not have the energy or time to do so and therefore will have to give up modding this community.

I have made an announcement on the anon threads about this and am offering not only modship to anyone who wishes to take it but also license to anyone who wishes to take the premise and make a copy-cat or similar community.

It has been a pleasure modding this community and and I thank everyone who has made it their home. It makes me happy to know that interest remained in this community for as long as it did! I hope to see all of you in other communities in the future.

- Minsu the Pika Mod
03 07 13 - salute! [!drop]
∅ *dead*
Muse(s): kim ellison
Muse Journal(s): falconpunches
Muse Aim s/n(s): pigeons are fly
Reason for dropping: eli goes where kan goes man. that's how married they are. it really took me everything to press the post button because i've had such a great time with you guys here. i don't care who you were, where you were from, what you did, as long as you love me i loved you all. thanks mods for keeping the place up this long too. major ace of you. see you all, alright?
02 17 13 - drop
Muse(s): Kim Yoonji
Muse Journal(s): neospirited
Muse Aim s/n(s): # unnamed world
Reason for dropping: Au revoir.
» mellow
Muse(s): Kang Minhyuk
Muse Journal(s): lovelybeats
Muse Aim s/n(s): lovelyeyesmiles
Reason for dropping: His main plots are gone, so without that he's just... here. =/ You all know where to find me if anyone wants him still. He'll be linked just not part of the community anymore.

Please defriend.
02 05 13 - Drop [!drop]
Muse(s): Hiko
Muse Journal(s): minorhiccup
Muse Aim s/n(s): minor.hiccup
Reason for dropping: Nobody to play with her, so she lost interest. Gonna find a more active home for her.   Please defriend.
01 24 13 - drop [!drop]
Muse(s): Lee Sungmin
Muse Journal(s): deeexface
Muse Aim s/n(s): deeexface
Reason for dropping: He's been gone for a long time. He never had many friends anyways.

Please defriend
12 30 12 - hiatus lift
Muse(s):   Hiko
Muse Journal(s):   minorhiccup
excuse me?
Muse(s):   Hiko
Muse Journal(s):   minorhiccup
Duration of Hiatus:  A week or two
What your muse is doing during the hiatus:  Going to university, studying, planning for the winter ball.

I'm sick and trying to rp or think is like swimming through pudding.  I'll come back when I feel better.
12 09 12 - Drop [!drop]
№ distance
Muse(s): Kim Youngwoon (Kangin)
Muse Journal(s): himsen
Muse Aim s/n(s): himsenkangin
Reason for dropping: This has been long coming, I think. I feel like at this point I'm just squatting and that's not very fair when he's so inactive. It was fun to play him while it lasted though and maybe someday I'll be able to bring him back here ^^

For those who wish to keep in touch with him, he's only a PM away, but otherwise, please defriend his journal.
Hiko | 19 | Alumni | App | #minor.hiccup

The androgynous Japanese transplant who's happy to let her past and even her gender stay a mystery.


Looking for friends, non-friends, musical buddies, former one-nighters, rivals, and whatever else.  Hit us up!

A few things to note:

Para, if possible, please.
Her gender isn't a secret, she just doesn't go out of her way to let people know.
She's not really into dating.  If something develops, cool, but we're not actively looking.
If you're interested, lets talk about a schedule.  I have lots of free time, but I do have a semi-fixed schedule.

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